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Dear Friend __

“WOW!” your friends exclaim, looking around your new home.

“What on earth is that new job, again?”

Now, you COULD tell them the truth.

You could unveil that you’re a full-time Internet writer.

You stumble out of bed at 11am. You tap out a few words, finish off a few articles – all while still in your pyjamas. And then a couple of hours later, you go prepare yourself a leisurely lunch.

But you don’t want to make your friends envious.

So you might just want to invent something.

Like you’re a stressed-out executive on minimum wage. Or you’ve just gone full-time at the Carphone Warehouse.

But whatever you do...

Do NOT tell them the truth.

We're Two of the World's Most PROFILIC Web Writers -

Nick Daw & Ruth BarringhamA very warm welcome to this website – from Nick Daws and Ruth Barringham!

(Yes, that’s us on the right-hand side!)

Now, on this site, we’d like to share a real secret with you. A secret that could lead to your financial freedom – and perhaps the most enjoyable career you’ll ever experience.

We’d like to show YOU how to earn $100,000 a year MINIMUM...

... By WRITING for the INTERNET.

Now, don’t throw that idea away immediately.

You might think you already know everything there is about writing online. You might think it’s all just article writing and blog posts.

But it’s not. Time to think again.
And we should know.

We’ve both been earning tens of thousands online every single year – by tapping into some of the most EXCITING online writing projects you’ll ever encounter.

We want to tell you more about those projects...

But FIRST, who exactly are we?

Well, Nick Daws is one of the UK’s most prolific authors. He’s written over 70 best-selling books, is the author of My Writing Blog, the “Big Daddy” at – and the famed creator of “How to Write ANY Book in 28 Days – or Less!

Ruth Barringham is a self-made freelance writer of fifteen years, and founder of Australian company, Cheriton House Publishing. She’s also the author of many popular books, including “Playing for Real” and “Self-Publish Worldwide.”

YES – we know the online writing world.

YES – we know how you can earn $100,000 a year MINIMUM online.

YES – we will make your friends jealous of your job.

So, get ready... and READ ON!

“Nick and Ruth are two of the best writers on the Web. They've helped shape the lives of thousands across the world. And you know what? This is their best course yet. If you want to earn BIG CASH as an online writer, GET THIS COURSE!”

- Carol Anne Strange,

Today, the Web Is Literally Begging for New Writers!

When you think of writing for the Internet – what springs to mind?

Writing repetitive articles for junk websites, and hoping for a few pennies in return?

Well, that’s how it used to be. Back in the early days.

TODAY – Everything has changed. Welcome to the Internet v3.0.

Right now, ANY writer, living ANYWHERE, with almost ANY level of talent, can begin a career writing online.

It requires absolutely NO experience – and you could start earning BIG, in just DAYS.

We’re not kidding. Right now, you could be just a couple of days from your first paycheck.

Work quickly – and you could have earned your first payment by TONIGHT.

From article writing to affiliate marketing... From blogging to copywriting... From e-books to self-publishing... From auction websites to sales copy...

It’s EASY – and right now the industry is BEGGING for NEW WRITERS!

In fact, we’ll prove it to you – by showing you the LITTLE-KNOWN WEBSITES listing THOUSANDS of open jobs for writers RIGHT NOW.

And the “worst part” is that most “regular” writers don’t even know these sites exist!

YES – You can EASILY make $100,000 a year online as a writer.

But you need a couple of guiding hands to show you how. You need to know what sort of work pays best, how you can get started quickly, which websites to visit – and a whole load more.

That’s why both of us – Nick and Ruth – have put together the Internet’s most COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE to making money as an online writer.

It’s name? Quite simply –

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“If you want to write for the Internet, and more importantly get paid for it, then this is the course for you. Everything you need is here in easy-to-understand English. BRILLIANT!”

- Mel McIntyre, 

Discover the SECRETS of Becoming a Wealthy Writer!

So, would YOU like to tap into the world of online writing?

Are YOU ready to begin making at least $100,000 a year – by tapping away on your keyboard?

Remember, we’ll both show you PRECISELY how to get started as an online writer – and how to crack the BIGGEST, most profitable markets, starting IMMEDIATELY!

And don’t worry if you have a “day job” elsewhere.

You can always work as an online writer part-time, until you realize just how financially REWARDING it can be for you. Then throw in your towel – and join our online gang of wealthy writers!

We’ll show you EVERYTHING.

For example, do you know about the one big site ACTIVELY SEEKING writers right now – and paying them a MINIMUM of $725 for a few articles a month?

Some of their most successful contributors are earning IN EXCESS OF $100,000 a year!

Or how about the single trick that Nick Daws recently used to bring in MASSES of fresh online writing work?

It cost Nick a grand total of $9 ... And brought in an extra $20,000 in work!

That’s a return of over 200,000%!

What about the new sites that pay YOU a percentage of advertising revenue – for each new article you submit to them?

Or the often-misunderstood job auction sites that allow you to bid on THOUSANDS of new writing jobs – and the secret psychological tricks for ensuring you WIN every bid!

Or what about the new breed of “ficblogs” that are helping online writers get their fiction work in print – and the publishing houses ACTIVELY SEEKING such bloggers!

Or how about self-publishing your own e-book – and tapping into a very special army of 100,000 AFFILIATES that will promote it for you! We’ll show you how to practically force them into promoting you, with a very secret little trick.

There are DOZENS of high-quality, online writing markets out there – which YOU can tap into, starting as early as TONIGHT.

And they’re all inside our brand new guide: The Wealthy Writer.

“The Internet is crammed with SECRET writing markets that most writers have never even HEARD about. Nick and Ruth expose EVERYTHING you need to earn BIG by writing for the Net. RECOMMENDED!”

- Karl Moore,

Ready to Discover the SECRETS

So, would YOU like to take a sneak peek inside The Wealthy Writer?

Want to discover some of the FANTASTIC SECRETS in store for you – right now?

Inside this 140+ page guide, you’ll find 11 POWERFUL modules, each covering some of the most important writing markets around.

We’re talking over 80,000 words of the most meticulously researched and up-to-minute information currently available – from two of the Web’s most prestigious writers.

Just take a look at what you’ll uncover inside its valuable pages...

In “WRITING FOR THE INTERNET” - Module 2 - you’ll uncover...
The EXACT METHOD for landing your very first Web writing job!
Why you DON’T need technical skills to become a highly successful Web writer!
The ONE CRUCIAL WAY in which the Internet differs from other written media – and what that REALLY means to you as a writer
Your TWO “BEST FRIENDS” as a Web writer - outside of Nick and Ruth!
The THREE THINGS you MUST NEVER do when writing for the Internet!
FIVE LITTLE WORDS you should ALWAYS keep in mind when writing website copy!
Why KEYWORDS are really the “KEY” when you’re writing for the Web!
How to develop your own “HOUSE STYLE” – and why this will make you an editor’s BEST FRIEND!
In “YOUR WRITING WEBSITE & Why You Need It” - Module 3 - you’ll find...
Why absolutely EVERY writer needs their own website – and that includes you!
The SEVEN BASIC ITEMS you must have on your site – and how they’ll SERIOUSLY benefit you!
The FIVE SECRET “ONLINE SCHOOLS” to learn how to build your website, for FREE – or just pennies
Our THREE LITTLE-KNOWN COMPANIES that will host your website, absolutely FREE of charge!
THREE QUICK & EASY WAYS for getting your website to pay for itself – and even generate a BIG, FAT PROFIT for you!
SEVEN GREAT WAYS to attract PAYING VISITORS to your website – all but one of these are free of charge!
The ONE THING you MUST OFFER all your website visitors – to boost your readership and turbo-charge your writing profits!
In “WRITING ARTICLES for the Internet” - Module 4 - you’ll discover...
The EASY, FIVE-STEP SYSTEM to writing articles online – QUICKLY!
How writing FREE ARTICLES can actually ROCKET your income – we show you the tricks!
SIX LITTLE-KNOWN WEBSITES that will give you a SHARE of their advertising revenue – in exchange for each article you submit to them!
An exciting SEVEN WAYS to find INCREDIBLY WELL-PAID WORK, writing articles and other content for online markets – starting TODAY!
One BIG WEBSITE that is currently looking for new writers – paying a MINIMUM of $725 every single month, with some of the most successful authors earning over $100k a year, part-time!
Where to grab the BIG LIST of 230 PAYING WRITERS MARKETS that accept e-mail submissions – print media included!
Why “JOB AUCTION SITES” are often misunderstood – and why you absolutely MUST add them to your portfolio!
The TOP EIGHT writing job auction sites – and the PROS and CONS of each!
Our SECRET METHOD for overcoming the “NO EXPERIENCE” problem when just starting out on auction sites
The TOP TWELVE TIPS for getting FANTASTICALLY WELL-PAID WORK from auction sites – and getting more of it, using these psychological tricks!
Read the SAMPLE BIDS that WON the BEST WRITING PROJECTS – we give you the templates to tweak for yourself!
The BEST FIVE “FREELANCE DATABASE” SITES – including one free site you absolutely MUST join!
In “BLOGGING FOR FUN & PROFIT” – Module 6 - you’ll figure out...
The SEVEN REASONS you absolutely MUST have a blog – in addition to a website!
Here’s EXACTLY how to use your blog to promote YOU and YOUR WRITING! (We’ll bet you’ve never even thought of these!)
The new breed of “FICBLOGS” – and how to use them as a passport to getting your fiction book published!
FIVE SAMPLE BLOGS that were picked up by publishers – and turned into best-selling books! PLUS – How to copy them!
How to GET PAID ~$10 for EVERY BLOG POST you make – no joke! We give you the EXACT Web address to add to your Favorites list, TODAY!
The EASY, SEVEN-STEP TECHNIQUE for getting your blog up-and-running in UNDER TEN MINUTES – and it won’t cost you a penny!
TEN FANTASTIC METHODS for generating wonderful ideas for fresh blog posts – even when you’re fresh out of ideas!
A LITTLE-KNOWN TRICK that absolutely ANYONE can use (unless you live alone, in the middle of a desert) – to create a POPULAR, MONEY-MAKING BLOG in double-quick time!
THREE great ways to start earning money from your blog, THREE great ways to get more readers, and TEN TOP TIPS for keeping up your motivation!
In “WRITING SHORT REPORTS & E-BOOKS” - Module 7 - you’ll uncover...
How writing E-BOOKS can ROCKET your Web writing income to STRATOSPHERIC LEVELS!
SIX SMART REASONS for giving away FREE REPORTS – don’t worry, you’ll see an almost-immediate ten-fold return!
The THREE CRUCIAL THINGS you MUST know before writing any short report or e-book!
One FANTASTIC PIECE of SOFTWARE that will plan and outline your e-books and short reports for you! BEST NEWS – IT’S FREE!
The SINGLE FORMAT you absolutely MUST create your e-book in – and how to get the RRP $299 software... FOR FREE!
How to GUARANTEE a successful e-book – by producing THIS before you begin writing! (And no, it’s NOT an outline!)
The INVALUABLE RESEARCH TOOL that will help you figure out EXACTLY how much to price your e-book!
The EASIEST METHOD of selling your e-books WORLDWIDE – and it’ll only cost you $50 IN TOTAL!
The SECRET METHOD of recruiting an ARMY of 100,000 affiliates – and PRECISELY how to get them on your side!
In “AFFILIATE MARKETING 101” - Module 8 - you’ll learn...
How to make HUGE SUMS in the online world... by selling OTHER PEOPLE’S writing & products!
FOUR AMAZING AFFILIATE NETWORKS that you should join today – and how to use them to rake in the cash!
THREE low-cost software tools you can use to setup your OWN affiliate program! (This isn’t for everyone, but it’s a real license to print money!)
How to MOTIVATE visitors to click on your affiliate links – and generate FAT COMMISSIONS on every single purchase!
The LITTLE-KNOWN WRITING TRICK that enables you to SECRETLY STEAL commissions from affiliate programs – and the EIGHT SITES that will help you along the way! (We absolutely LOVE this one – and you will too!)
How to DISGUISE your affiliate links for EVEN MORE PROFITS – here are the two services you can use, and why one is WAY better than the other!
The “SUPER AFFILIATES” – and how people like “The First Lady” are making in excess of $50,000... EVERY MONTH... using the techniques we’ll show you!
In “MORE WAYS to MAKE MONEY as an ONLINE WRITER” - Module 9 - you’ll discover...
How to build your V.R.E. EMPIRE – and why you’ll WANT to do it! (Here’s a clue: It means BIG MONEY, it’s very achievable, and both Nick and Ruth have done it!)
Uncover the sites which GOOGLE is paying Ruth THOUSANDS to run, each and every month – thanks to her articles!
How Nick turned a $9 investment into $20,000 of EASY WRITING WORK – and the EXACT STEPS he took, so you can do it too! (Hint: You could do this over and over again! The potential is limitless!)
Ten AMAZING little niche writing markets – MOST of which you’ll NEVER have heard of!
How COLLABORATIVE WRITING PROJECTS can help boost your profits – and the EXACT sites you need to hook-up with other co-writers! (Even if you don’t like the idea of co-writing, THIS section will impress you!)
A resources directory, containing dozens of critical website links, important tools, and software programs to make YOUR online writing career a success

All of this – and SO MUCH MORE – all inside “The Wealthy Writer.”

It’s YOUR guide to making $100k+ a year writing on the Internet.

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“Nick Daws & Ruth Barringham are the King & Queen of the online writing world. I've written almost 100 books - and still honour their writing knowledge. This course contains all of the SECRETS you must know to TRULY PROFIT from the world of online writing.”

- Tim Parker,

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And these secrets work for writers in the USA, in the UK, in Australia, in Europe – in fact, for writers ANYWHERE in the WORLD.

We absolutely GUARANTEE IT – and remember that you’re dealing with two of the most prolific Web writers around.

We’re not random, anonymous names. We’re genuine, respectable professionals with reputations in the industry.

We would NEVER make a guarantee we didn’t back 100%.

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Grab YOUR Copy of The Wealthy Writer TODAY -

Let me tell you something.

We want YOU to be a success online.


Because then you’ll tell the world about “The Wealthy Writer.” You might even send us another unsolicited testimonial.

And that ultimately means more sales for us.

So, rest assured – we want you to SUCCEED.

And that’s why both of us – Nick Daws and Ruth Barringham – want to give YOU a pile of BONUS goodies to ensure you REALLY hit the heights of online success!

That’s right.

We’ve both gotten together to produce FOUR FANTASTIC BONUS REPORTS to help boost your income – and take you well over that $100k figure.

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How to Publish Your E-Book on Lulu –

Publishing service Lulu has made getting self-published a reality for everyone. In this guide, Nick Daws shows you how to create your own Lulu e-book – and get it out to the world, in under a day. Start earning royalties in absolute record time – with this bonus!

How to Write an Effective E-book Sales Page –

So, you’ve written your e-book – and need to sell it on your site? Then you need a sales page. And they can be TOUGH to write! In this guide, Ruth Barringham shows you how to put together a killer sales letter – without the hassle!

Words & Phrases That KEEP Reader Attention! –

When you’re writing for the Web, you need people to STOP and LISTEN! This swipe file from Ruth Barringham gives you almost 400 words and phrases you can slot in ANYWHERE to ensure people sit up and take note. Great when you need a little inspiration!

How to Make Big Bucks Selling Your Movie Idea to Hollywood!

Can you imagine selling your movie idea to Tinsel Town – without writing a screenplay or even a treatment? Nick Daws shows you how to sell the “High Concept” – simple one-liners – and gives you the movie sites you need to get started!

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BONUS! - How to Publish Your E-Book on Lulu

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Nick Daws Signatures
Nick Daws, co-author                                                                                    

Ruth Barringham
Ruth Barringham, co-author

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